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Online Daisy

Online Daisy

Online Daisy is the premier platform for the online distribution of Daisy books: accessible audio or hybrid books with enhanced navigation possibilities. With this platform, book producers, libraries, book shops and other organisations can distribute their content to their end users via the internet.

Online Daisy is the only platform supporting a wide range of online distribution forms, such as web downloading, online reading, podcasting and direct delivery to PLEXTALK online Daisy players using the Daisy Online Delivery Protocol. From your online bookshelf, you can start reading your audio book with all navigation capabilities that you would have on a CD. Online Daisy has certified PLEXTALK Linio as the first DAISY player supporting this system.

The platform is developed in Belgium by Pyxima in partnership with Flemish talking book producers and distributors.

Are you a DAISY book producer or distributor, interested in online distribution? The benefits are clear: online reading is fast, convenient, reliable and cost-effective. Contact us for more information.


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