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FAQ List


  • Q1.
    Can Plextalk PTR1 play MP3 music?
  • A1.
    PTR1 plays MP3 files and supports variable bit rate.
  • MPEG1 Layer3 32kbps~320kbps VBR
  • MPEG2 Layer3 8kbps~160kbps VBR
  • Q2.
    Does Plextalk PTR1 support a standard .m3u playlist?
  • A2.
    Yes, it does. However, PTR1 can not support multiple playlists in same folder or the root directory. When you have several playlists, please put a playlist in each folder.
  • Q3.
    Will I lose my place if I turn off my Plextalk player?
  • A3.
    The Plextalk PTR1 will automatically bookmark and remember your place where you turn off or remove CDs.


  • Q1.
    How many bookmarks can be stored?
  • A1.
    You can store up to 10,000 bookmarks or 30 minutes voice-bookmarks.
  • Q2.
    What is maximum number of bookmarks to input?
  • A2.
    The maximum number is 65000. If you input 65001 or above, the bookmark will not be placed.


  • Q1.
    What is the battery life?
  • A1.
    Playing Daisy CD – Approx. 4 hours, Recording Daisy on CD – Approx 2 hours
  • Playback CD-DA disc – Approx. 2 hours, Recording CD-DA on CD – Approx 2.5 hours.
  • Q2.
    What is the battery life for flash memory?
  • A2.
    Recording/Playback card – Approx. 6 hours.
  • Q3.
    What is the battery life for 1GB Micro Drive?
  • A3.
    Playing – Approx. 5 hours, Recording – Approx 4 hours
  • Q4.
    How long to be full charged?
  • A4.
    It takes max 4 hours (Normal 3.5 hours). You cannot overcharge the battery.
  • Q5.
    What is type of battery?
  • A5.
  • Q6.
    What is battery charge life with machine off?
  • A6.
    Approximately 1 month


  • Q1.
    How long can be recorded on the single CD?
  • A1.
    You can record up to 80 hours on the single CD.
  • Q2.
    How long does it take backup? (PC card)
  • A2.
    Daisy backup (600MB)
    CD to PC card: 10 min
    PC Card to CD: 20 min
  • MP3 Music backup (70 min)
    CD to PC card: 45 min
    PC Card to CD: 30 min
  • Music backup (70 min)
    CD to PC card: 20 min
    PC Card to CD: 20 min
    * Measured by IBM’s 1GB Microdrive


  • Q1.
    How long can I record each notepad?
  • A1.
    You can record up to 1 minute and automatically stop.
  • Q2.
    What is "Clear All Setting" in the control panel?
  • A2.
    When you execute "Clear All Setting", the setting will be the factory default setting.
    • - Default to the recording and volume setting
    • - Delete all bookmarks
    • - Delete all notepads
    • - Delete ON timer

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